Good Design Awardグッドデザイン受賞作品

Good Design Award

ティケトル・S ティケトル・M

Iron Tea Kettle/S/M


These iron tea kettles were designed for ease of use for our daily life. I was careful to design it as an easy way to use and I wanted to change the image of it from iron craft to a softer one with a wooden handle and knob. The bottom is flat shaped to improve the conductivity of heat and so it can fit a modern cooker. Finishing is done the traditional way as used in iron craft. It is heated in 800˚C so the pot is covered in Oxide film to prevent rust. Then a traditional finishing technique is used with lacquer. One merit for using the iron kettle is that when drinking tea from the boiled kettle you naturally drink some iron too. You will be able to appreciate and use the kettle for a long time. The handle and knob are replaceable if needed.



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