鉄瓶 紋コレクション


These iron kettles are designed with a motif of an exquisitely designed crest from a time gone by. From the ancient times, the scholar and military senior statesmen gave a character or a god print, and they made it into a house crest, a banner and a horse seal.
The crests originating from these coat of arms are now counting as many as 4560 kinds.
In this time we designed 4 types of iron kettles with motifs of a four-way Japanese quince, with a corner cutoff, a Japanese quince type, and a gourd shaped crest.
The handle is a bow-shaped design that matches the shape of the main body, the copper lid knob is a combination of a chrysanthemum, a pine tree, a chrysanthemum split, and a gourd that harmonize with the shape of the main body.
The finish is uncalcined at 800 degrees, an oxide film is applied then hand-painted with a baked finish of urushi lacquer which is done by using a traditional technique from long, long ago.
The hot water which is boiled by a casting kettle is able to erase almost all chlorine from tap water; so the water will be mild, have no smell and will be tasty hot water.
The hot water will have iron, which is a merit to be able to take iron naturally as we need it for our body. So you can enjoy tasty hot tea with a hint of healthy iron.
The iron of hot water and tannin of tea react together to make an enjoyable tasty tea.






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