Good Design Awardグッドデザイン受賞作品

Good Design Award

いものケトル・M いものケトル・L

Cast-Iron Kettle/M/L


This is a combination of a cast iron kettle with a plywood handle. To use in daily life I changed the hard image of iron to be softer with a wooden handle and a knob. Also I designed a modern shape of the iron kettle so it can be used easily in daily life. The flat shape at the bottom is the best shape for an electromagnetic cooker, because it makes thermal conductivity higher. The kettles finishing way is unglazed and it is heated to 800˚c. Firstly this adds an oxide film and also gives a traditional coloring method when it is baked with lacquer. There is merit to take iron, which naturally comes from a boiled iron kettle. Also it can remove almost all chlorine from tap water meaning a purer water, more delicious and with no smell. You will be able to use the kettle for a long time, if needed the wooden handle and knob can be replaced.



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